The Observatory

Mas de Bunyol

Mas de Bunyol is a vulture observatory built inside a Vulture Reserve. Visits to the bird observation centre are designed to coincide with the birds feeding time. Given the proximity to the scene, this provides a unique opportunity. The visit is once per day everyday of the year at the same hour. From the Observatory it is possible to watch hundreds of vultures at few meters distance while José Ramón, “buitreman”, feeds them.

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Our history

Since 1990, JR Moragrega, aka buitreman for his friends, entrepreneur and owner of the Mas de Bunyol farm (rabbit farm and vulture rubbish tip), achieved with the daily effort what it appeared to be impossible: the seldom visits of the local vultures to become a spectacular project where hundreds of vultures can be watched daily in their natural habitat.

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Prices Observatory



Groups from 15 adults:


Children aged 4-11 years:


Visit data


Meeting time: 9 a.m

Duration: 2 hours aprox.

Birds: Egyptian Vulture, Gryffon Vulture (all the seasons), Raven, Red Kite, Black Vulture, eagle.

Recommended: camera, binoculars


Essential Golden Rules