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Fancy living a great adventure and enjoying the nature? This is your most Wild Place

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Get to know our hydes

If you like nature you can’t miss our observatory. From our hydes you will be able to observe the vultures in their authentic wild life. A unique experience.

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Enjoy of a spectacular accommodation

Accommodation in the Observatory itself. Enjoy the experience fully. Discover how the day to day of “buitreman” is, by accommodating surrounded by nature with us.

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Visiting the Observatory

Guided visit to our observatory centre from where, at a few meters distance, you will be able to look at hundreds of Vultures and other birds go to the call of “buitre man”. An amazing experience which leaves none indifferent.

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Wild Nature Photography

Take photos of wild fauna from our observatory, refugy or hydes specially designed for amateur and professional photographers.

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Staying at our observatory

For those nature lovers who would like to live this experience deeper, stay at our observatory. You will be able to know how is the day-to-day live of our project.

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“Amazing experience, watching hundreds of vultures arrive, feed and take off is as impressive as any safari in Africa. These are one of the most interesting and impressive animals on earth. What Jose Ramon and Loli have achieved through hard work and patience is outstanding. Very interesting explanations during the sighting. Do not miss this wonderful experience!”

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