Our history

Since 1990, JR Moragrega, aka buitreman for his friends, entrepreneur and owner of the Mas de Bunyol farm (rabbit farm and vulture rubbish tip), achieved with the daily effort what it appeared to be impossible: the seldom visits of the local vultures to become a spectacular project where hundreds of vultures can be watched daily in their natural habitat. After 2005, project began to evolve thanks to JR and Loly’s (his wife) perseverance. The project could begin to be visited by the civil population, something that is highly remarkable and, still today, hard to find. People could enter the facilities (Mas de bunyol farm) and watch hundreds of vultures be fed and behave as they normally do, at a few meters distance.
There is, in Mas de Bunyol, the possibility to watch the vultures, but also the chance to stay overnight in rooms prepared for that. This option maximizes the experience for scientists, photographers, students or simply nature lovers, with the opportunity to observe calmly the around 300 vultures that can descend searching for the over 250kilos of rabbit that JR gathers everyday from the public slaughterhouse. Vultures know exactly their “chef’s” timetable and they wait in the surroundings for him to enter with the wheelbarrow full of meet. After the meal, vultures can refresh in their spa zone (two ponds specially prepared for it) and rest in the branches located prior to taking off again. Every day, with no delay, vulture do not miss their breakfast appointment in Mas de Bunyol.

Buitre-manJosé Ramón Moragrega


There are people who don’t know their way in life. There are others that have always known about it. Some others have to go over a few of them waiting the place they will converge.
While he was a child, he would pass afternoons and evenings waiting and hoping to see vultures descend to eat in the surroundings of his home town Beceite, located in the heart of the Ports de Beseit. As time passed, long trips arrived in the 15 years he was dedicated to the merchant marine, the way he found to go all over the world. Then the birth of this daughter, the family and the passion to his home town made him decide to quit ocean life and get back to origins. Together with Loly, they built a rabbit farm, as a way to make a living, while he would also dedicate some part of his time to the creativity and his inventor life. It was then, when the nostalgia of the evenings of his childhood made him start humbly what today is this spectacular project. The day he saw himself surrounded by this marvelous birds, he realized that all the ways had led him there.

loly-46 016Loly

Loly was born in Barcelona, she lived until her twenties in this city that has got over 24 hours. Her routine gets changed when she meets Jose Ramon and decides to settle and build a family in Beceite.
It has been already 35 years from that, when she decided to stay when she discovered that living in the middle of the nature is what she had always dreamed about.
She has helped Jose Ramon in many proffesional experiences they have gone through together, showing here tenacity and fine predisposition to solve situations. In addition, she has worked in restoration in the region of Matarranya. That’s why, when “Buitreman” put on the table the opportunity of Mas de Bunyol, despite the magnitude and the challenge of the idea, she accepted the change akcnowledging the key role she was meant to play on the project. Nowadays, she is a proud manager of a unique project worlwide and a model in the protecction and conservation of our Iberian Fauna.